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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
Some people just really piss me off 
6th-Apr-2006 02:39 pm
green thong
I hate drama! I really hate drama! And right now I'm swimming in it...

1) The sorority is really starting to piss me off because the drama is overwhelming. And it all started at formal. A few incidences occurred and now it has evolved into one big mess. People are attacking each other's personal life and then some. I try my best to stay out of the way as it doesn't involve me, but somehow I get dragged into the middle of it. I understand that I'm a good listener and that I enjoy solving problems but this is a little over my head. And even sometimes I think that I did this to myself by trying to resolve issues. As of right now, things are starting to settle down which I'm grateful for. However, everything could quite possible hit the fan at our meeting this Sunday.

2) My mother is the bane of my existence. She and I got into this huge fight last Saturday because I called to ask if my check from the business office came in and if she could deposit it for me. Apparently that is what set her off and then everything went down hill from there. According to her, I don't care about getting a job or possible going back to school for my teaching certificate. I had forgotten to get my transcripts in the mail that week and she was upset about that. She thought my resume was total crap and wants to redo it for me. I'm also ungrateful and that I care more about getting married than getting a job. So What! I'm human. I'm sorry that I forgot about the transcripts and yes I do care about going back to school. I'm currently looking for a job but unfortunately most employers are looking for people who can start right away. I can't because I don't graduate until May. My mother says that the those who have contacted me thus far are nothing but employment agencies. Apparently I'm not good enough for any employer. Yes, I will admit that I made a few mistakes on my resume but I promptly corrected them when they were pointed out to me. But she still wants to redo my entire resume. As far as marriage is concern, that is on the back burner because I do need to get a job first. The wedding is not for another two years! God forbid that I start looking at places now since they need to be booked in the next year. But have I actually called places and people to start arranging the wedding? NO!!! I mentioned a few things to mom and she totally blew up at me. So what if I looked at wedding dresses. I haven't even bought anything yet and don't plan to. To top it all off, my mother likes to insult me or Josh or both of us. She sent me this article that states that people who are overweight have a harder time getting through interviews then those who slim. My mother constantly brings up my weight by saying that I need to stop eating or watch what I eat. She wants me to loose weight and become thin again. However I don't think I will ever get back down to that size. I wish I could but it is unrealistic. Many of my friends say that I shouldn't go back to that size because it is unhealthy for me. They think that I should tone my muscles more than loose weight. I hate all this conflict. I know that my mother is deathly afraid of me failing in life and that she wants the best for me but this is definately not the way to go about it. I appreciate her for helping me through my father's death and even went through the problem of ordering his grave marker. But then she turns around and tears me down.

Luckily thing between me and Josh in reference to the his new friend are getting better. I almost thought that Liz was going to kick his ass for what the situation at hand. But I'm going to try and get to know the girl on my own and maybe we can be good friends. On another note I might be rooming with Kim and Sarge rather than rooming with another sister but I still have to work out a few kinks and also talk to the person that I was suppose to room with before this new development. We shall see. Talk to you guys later
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