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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
13th-Aug-2007 04:41 pm
bouncy ball
Greetings from Missouri. I have only just begun to settle in with Josh. Yep that's right, we moved into a townhome here in Missouri. He is going to grad school here. I moved out of my apartment in Wisconsin and stayed with a good friend (a fellow sorority sister) for about a month. And after this whole fiasco, I never want to move again!

It took forever to pack because I had to decide what I wanted to take with me and what was going with the movers. Cleaning the apartment was horrendous partly because we (my roommate and I) never really cleaned it properly in the first place. She left me to take care of cleaning most of the kitchen. But guess who does most of the cleaning? Certainly not me! So in other words she was a pain in my ass for awhile. The movers were even worse. I had set a date for them to come and then find out that the appointment was never made and so I had to reschedule the day at the last minute. And what time did they end up coming? 10:30 AT NIGHT!!! I was so pissed. Luckily one of my sorority sisters stay with me while the movers were there while my roommate went out to the bars. The same sorority sister allowed me to stay with her for a month between moves. The month of July really passed too quickly. Hopefully I will be able to visit at the end of the week.

But anyway I finally moved down here with my car full of crap. It was like a mini caravan with one car and 2 vans. The movers came a few days later at 8 in the morning with a 10 minute warning. Argh!! Just a warning: don't ever use Delta Moving Services. It was and still is a complete mess. Now moving onto nicer things. I found a new obsession in the from of the Transformers movie. That movie was AWESOME!! Of course my favorite transformer is Bumblebee. Check out some of the icons and my new layout. Don't worry I'm still a Harry Potter freak even though I need to still finish the book. I'm almost there though. Well I'm going to get off of here and start dinner...maybe. Take-out sounds really good right now. Hopefully I will update soon!
13th-Aug-2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
Visiting Kenosha at the end of the week? Is that what you are referring to because strangely enough I'll be there. So if so let me know! I miss you *HUGS*
14th-Aug-2007 01:34 am (UTC)
yeah, I'm planning on it! Talk to Kim because she knows. I was hoping to leave here early on Friday
15th-Aug-2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
did u get my facebook message. I will be at the race track with jeff most of sat. I have off sunday though, i know u said u were going to the ren faire, and i was thinking i could join u. I will be around friday night too
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