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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
It's about time I update 
6th-Sep-2006 09:51 am
green thong
Sorry for the wait...

But life's been a little bit hectic with working full-time, talking and seeing Josh, helping friends move in for the start of a new school year to helping them in times of need (you know who you are).

So anyway I love working at my job (yes, Menards) in the wallcoverings dept because of the people who also work there even though I am the only girl back there. Brad (the dept manager), Juan (the assistant dept manager), Sal, David, and AJ are the greatest co-workers a girl can ask for primarily because they see humor in everything and being around them makes the day go by smoothly and quickly. Eventually, I might beable to post pictures of them...maybe. Besides the awesome co-workers, everyday there is something different that needs to be done. I get to talk in depth with customers while mixing their paint. I also get to experience the joys of fighting with the tinters (used to mix paint) and loose (i.e. getting paint all over myself) although I have not yet experience the fun of having a paint can explode either on me or anyone else. Oh Well!!! I will eventually.

In other news, I helped one of my friends move into her apartment and let me tell you it was a mess. Boys must have been living in there over the summer. The kitchen was dirty and grimy. It looked like the back door was left open and little bits of nature blew in. The whole apartment smelled of cat (you know the ammonia smell) and the bathroom was really disgusting. There was mold, grim, and rust everywhere with pee all over the toilet seat (which led me to conclude that men were there). When the tub faucet was turned on the water came out brown. Someone even left behind an article of clothing. The whole place was just icky. I bet it will look nice once everything is sterilized and clean.

This past Saturday I went to Madison to see Josh and let me tell you that was a trip. It's going to take me some time to get use to the route. The apartment is itty bitty compared to the one he had last year. It has three bedrooms (Josh, Brandon, Ozzie) and one bathroom and has a total square feet of about 600-700. It also cost about $1000 a month which is split three ways. Josh had originally allowed Ozzie the largest room but when Josh had to set up the cable, internet, etc. he decided the he should get the room. Ozzie was pissed to say the least and when Josh returned to the apartment, he found that all of his stuff was moved into the smaller bedroom and that Ozzie had changed the lock on the larger bedroom after moving his stuff into it. Needless to say this resulted in a frosty confrontation. I guess they are cooling down now but it's still drama.

I'm actually looking forward with hanging out with my friends this year both sorority and non-sorority. In fact I think we are doing something this Friday but I'm not sure. Then the weekend after that I'm going back to Madison to see Josh! Anyways that's all I have for right now so I will let you go. TTYL!
6th-Sep-2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
thanks for all of ur help and most importantly being there. i felt so special. my first drunk phone call. Also the apartment is looking much better. We still can't get things to stick to the walls though.
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