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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
18th-Aug-2006 09:01 pm
green thong
Well, everything checked out on my drug test and so I was hired by Menards. I'm working full-time in the wallcoverings department. I started this past Monday and I'm loving it even though I'm the only female working in that department. But the guys are so incredibly nice and are awesome to work with. And to top it all off it looks like I will be able to see everyone on the first of September. My schedual just happens to work out that I'm off that day. I know that this is a really short update but it's all for now.
19th-Aug-2006 04:07 pm (UTC)
yeah for being off. if u want to comehelp me move that would be fine. if not i will see u that night/.
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