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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
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29th-Mar-2006 12:30 pm
green thong
Ok so I guess I'm a little bored right now but I shouldn't be. I could work on homework, read fanfic, surf the web, cross-stitch, or even do some job-searching, etc, but I just don't want to do anything. So here I am...BORED!!! I'm done with classes for the day. Study hour with the new members is at 3:30 and sorority EATS are at 4:30. I also don't have any classes tomorrow which is a good thing.

I'm excited for the sorority formal that is this Sat. It's gonna be so much fun even though it was planned on short notice. Hopefully this will work out and can be planned for next year. I would definitely be coming back to visit everyone if not sooner. I still have no idea what I'm going to wear because all of my dressy stuff is at home. Other than that there is still the same old drama within the sorority which I'm getting tired off. But I refuse to get into that right now for it might ruin the somewhat good mood that I'm in.

So my man is doing alright. We resolved the problems that were occurring on Mon right before class or at least I hope we did. He can be the biggest flirt at times and I don't think he realizes it. He says that my territory (meaning him) is well guarded with soldiers and spies. Those soldiers and spies being mutual friends and sorority sisters. They let other women know that he is taken. *winks at two sorority sisters in particular* I don't like to be this protective of him but I feel that he is one of the only good things in my life. And on top of that I have a very difficult time trusting people. I've been bretrayed and lied to so many times by those who should be the closest to me and the most supportive of me. I'm constantly on the lookout for who's going to betray me next and I don't want another girl trying to take my guy. I know that I'm engaged and that should mean something but it can still happen. If he sends the right signals (whether intentional or not) another girl might try to make a play for him. I'm also scared that he might find another girl who is better suited for him and dump me. I just don't want to get hurt again. I guess this is just inner turmoil and that it will work itself out.

Sorry for my little "rant" but I needed to get it off my mind. I just ran the gauntlet of emotions today. From bored to happy/excited to angry to sad to relief. I feel much better now. Talk to you all later!
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