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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
5 Years! 
3rd-Aug-2006 12:00 pm
green thong
Josh and I celebrated being together for 5 years yesterday. It was so much fun! The day before he came up and took me out to Red Lobster for dinner. Then we hung out at Gurnee Mills for awhile and bought the third Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie. We cuddled up and watched it which was absolutely hilarious. But now for some reason it keeps skipping which is ticking me off. However that is besides the point. You guys can figure out what happens after that...

Yesterday, we got up early to go to Six Flags. When paying for our tickets we got a voucher for a season pass so now we both have season passes to Six Flags. Of course we stayed in Hurricane Harbor for the day (it was so hot). So if anyone wants to go to Six Flags with me just let me know because I'm game. Anyways we both got sunburned but the funny part is that we both applied sunblock twice and yes we waited in the shade for 15 minutes before we got into the water. My shoulders, upperback, and chest all got burned but I guess the good thing is that I can even out the tanline that goes through my back. As some you know that occured over six months ago when I was going to the Galapagos Island. Usually my sunburns turn into tans within a few days...hopefully. Another thing is that hot pavement doesn't feel really good on bare feet. Josh and I found that out because we burned our feet while walking from place to place within the waterpark. We really didn't go on any roller coasters because it was just too damn hot! Josh was suppose to leave yesterday after Six Flags but due to bad weather he stayed the night and left this morning.

This anniversary was just fun, simple and sweet. I loved it. Anyways now all I'm doing is waiting for Menards to call me. Apparently my file was approved and so they sent in a rehire form this past Tues. Like I said I'm waiting for them to call me for a drug test and to figure out my schedule. And it looks like I'm going to get full-time which means benefits. Yes!! Well I gotta bounce so I will catch y'all later.
3rd-Aug-2006 08:00 pm (UTC)
congrats to one of two of the cutest couples ever... i wonder who the other couple is. By the way i may not be able to come up the 15th becuase something came up. I will have to see though. Also we need to see each ot her soon. and i told mike he needed to call josh so we shall see!!!Sundance in sep!!!
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