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Welcome to the Drama That is My Life
The Ramblings of a Slytherin
Wierd Habits and updates 
2nd-May-2006 01:41 pm
green thong
Once tagged, you MUST write an entry about 6 wierd habits you have and state this rule clearly. Pick 6 people at the end of the tag and list their names.
Since I was tagged...

1) For those of you who have watched me eat pizza know that I eat it a certain way. First I pick off all the topping and then I pick off all the cheese. Then I eat the "bare" pizza crust first followed by the topping and lastly the cheese. Don't ask me why, I just eat pizza that way. It drives my mom nuts (which is always a plus) but Josh thinks it's cute.

2) I too have wierd bathroom habits. I have to go in the fourth stall but if that is taken then I go into the third. If that is taken then the second stall. I will not go into the first stall. I also must line the toilet seat before I use it. It's juust something that has been engraved into my head since I was a child.

3) Before I can fall asleep, certain nighttime routine must be done. This includes combing my hair, flossing my teeth, apply chapstick, spray myself with lavendar/vanilla mist, and apply body lotion to hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

4) If it's storming at night and I'm going to bed, I will not fall asleep until the storm has passed. Even if my nighttime routine is done, I will still not fall asleep until everything is calm.

Unfortunately that is all that I can think about for right now. If you think of any wierd habits that I do please feel free to let me know and I will add them in. So anyway, Life is actually pretty good right now. I officially passed my Senior Thesis. I don't have to give a presentation or defense because one of the professors forgot to email us (Fall Geography Senior Sem class) to tell us that our "defense" is this Thursday. They actually decided this date back on April 1st. Somehow it never got to us. So instead of a defense, The faculty is going to take us out to dinner to celebrate. Our new members have their final party on Saturday. Josh begins his final exams on Sunday and then he is done. I'm torn between going to see him and going to the pledge party/picnic. However, homework keeps piling on and I'm really struggling to keep up. But besides that, lifes good.

I went home this weekend to take the IL Basic Skills test which is similar to the Praxis tests. My mom got me lost but I finally made it by skin of my teeth. It Started at 8am and went until 1pm. Of course we didn't have to stay that long if we finished the test early. The test was like the ACT/SAT on steriods, I swear. We had assigned seating which we could leave unless we had to go to the bathroom in which case we need to raise our hand and receive a bathroom pass. I sat next to middle aged man who chewed gum (which was speariment because I could smell it) throughout the test and went to the bathroom like 6 times. When he got to the math portion, we would swear constantly when he was frustrated with a problem. It was really distracting. Then again everything was distracting because I was in a gym with 200 hundred people and it was dead quite. And when it was dead quite, you can hear everything so I was always distracted by the russeling of papers, people coughing and readjusting in their seats. I finished early and was able to leave at 11:45.

That night, I was planning to have mom drive me back to school or at least let me drive back up because I wanted to go to Casino night and be with friends. Well, that didn't exactly happen because my mom wasn't feeling well and didn't want to drive in the weather. She wouldn't let me take my car up because she was afraid that I would get into an accident and her insurance would drop her. It was the most pathetic excuse that I have ever heard of. So guess who came down at 8:30pm and got me? That's right, Josh did. He drove down from Carthage to Thornton and back up again. He's such a sweetie. We stopped at the sundance salon for awhile and danced. We got back around 1:30am. I love him so much. He says that did because he loves me and he was very lonely. Anyway I should probably return to my homework and job searching. Talk to you guys later!
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